The Rock: Helping those in a hard place

Posted on November 28, 2012

For 12 years, The Rock in Anaheim has been building up to “the great commission”: the time when followers reach out to people in the local community.

“We are an evangelical church, which means you believe in getting out of your walls and get the message out,” said Randy Collins, assistant pastor at The Rock.

But it’s not just about getting the message out.

In fact, it’s not about that at all, said Jerry Dirmann, senior pastor. It’s about helping people in need – some of whom live in the church’s own backyard.

The Rock is collaborating with civic organizations, local churches, government officials and agencies to put on Anaheim Motel Children Christmas Outreach, where groups will visit Covered Wagon Motel in Anaheim and assist the children who live there.

“We weren’t aware of all that before we moved here. We feel like we were called to Anaheim,” said Dirmann, who added the children are experiencing third-world living conditions at the motel. “When we heard about these people (who lived in motels), we knew we wanted to be part of the solution.”

At the outreach, which is scheduled for Dec. 8, children will be provided food, clothes, toys, health and hygiene products, and haircuts. The Rock will also establish a center where the children can receive “week-to-week care and life preparation” that includes tutoring and assistance to physical and spiritual needs.

“It’s a deep problem that won’t be solved in one visit,” Dirmann said, adding that is why the church plans to visit the motel every Wednesday.

But this is only the beginning. The Rock will also host a variety of outreach events for everyone from children of gang members to international students. The Rock is doing all this for two reasons: People need help, and God wants to help them, Dirmann said.

“We are his hands extended,” said Dirmann.

Originally published in the Orange County Register.

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