CSUF students raise awareness for ovarian cancer

Posted on August 29, 2011

Cal State Fullerton student puts together a ribbon that will be displayed for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

Cal State Fullerton student puts together a ribbon that will be displayed at Fleur de Lys for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. (Photo by Nuran Alteir)

In honor of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, Fleur de Lys, a home decor store in Costa Mesa, is donning teal starting today. Cal State Fullerton students helped make it happen.

Five CSUF graphic design students are using what they learned in the classroom to help Ovarian Cancer Orange County Alliance, a nonprofit organization, put together a window exhibit display for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

At 5 feet high and 3 feet wide, a teal ribbon, which is made up of a compilation of smaller ribbons of different shades of teal, is perched in the window of the shop. The design was created by Greg Bellows, a graphic design major at CSUF, who said he wanted to create something that felt lighthearted.

“The subject matter is very serious, but I wanted to make sure that I designed something that had a positive feeling … In my design I wanted to convey a fluid, happy life … hope rather than the alternative,”said Bellows.

Leslie Randall, a member on the OCOCA medical advisory board, said she got “goose bumps” when she first saw it.

Bellows said he wanted a piece that immediately attracted the viewer’s attention.

And it does.

“I was very struck by its simplicity, yet it made a very strong statement,” said Randall, director of medical student and resident education at UCI Medical Center.

It’s up to the viewer to decide what the statement is, said Randall.

Randall interprets the branching as a symbol for all the people who are affected by someone who has ovarian cancer.

“Many people are touched by this,” Randall said. “It’s not just one person.”

The five students are working with Carlota Haider, a former CSUF graduate student in the History and Art Departments. The students who are working on the exhibit display are from an art internship course taught by Professor Theron Moore.

“It comes naturally,” said Amanda Sun, a CSUF graphic design student, about working on the exhibit display. “I feel like my classes have really prepared me for it. It’s also exciting because my work is going to be displayed and people outside of my classmates are going to see it.”

Haider, an ovarian cancer survivor, said she has worked with Moore’s students for many years.

“I can’t say enough nice things about them,” said Haider. “They’re just so talented.”

The students worked on a variety of projects to put the exhibit together, from making fliers to creating art displays.

“What we want to do is draw people’s attention and have them ask questions about (ovarian cancer),” Haider said.

Most women who get ovarian cancer die because they do not detect the symptoms soon enough. Of 20,000 women who are diagnosed with this cancer, 15,000 die.

“Early detection is key to survival,” Haider said.

The window exhibit display will be held until the end of September at Fleur de Lys in Costa Mesa on 369 E. 17th St. The shop will hold three events Sept. 16, 17 and 18. An OCOCA info booth is scheduled to be set up Sept. 17 and 18 at Fleur de Lys.

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month Events:

Sept. 16: An artist demo by Katherine England will be held in Fleur de Lys from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. OCOCA will receive 20 percent of her sales.

Sept. 17: A food demo will be put on by Chef Katherine from noon to 3 p.m. Fleur de Lys will give 20 percent of its sales to OCOCA.

Sept. 18: Jazz and folk singer Becky Sanders, who is also a CSUF student, will perform original music. Fleur de Lys will give 20 percent of its sales to OCOCA.

Originally published in the Daily Titan, Cal State Fullerton’s student-run newspaper.

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