What’s in a Name? Plenty

Posted on September 17, 2008

“What’s in a name?” Juliet says this to explain that no matter what you call something, it will always be what it is.

But I think that there is power in a name.

Why do I say that? Well, think about it. We have names to distinguish ourselves from the rest. If someone misspells your name, don’t you become somewhat irritated? I know I do.

What about if someone mispronounces it? That’s a whole other world for me.

I have an Arabic name so I don’t blame people for mispronouncing or misspelling it. It’s when they don’t care that they are that really gets to me.

I have had people call me Neuron, Neutron, Noor-Anne, Noor-in, Noorani and oh so much more. Even my editor can’t say my name right and because of that she calls me ‘N’. I’ve been reduced to a letter in the alphabet.

OK, I’ll admit it. It was funny, and a clever way not to screw up my name, but come on. Is it really that hard to say, “Hey, how do you say your name again?” I don’t think so.

I don’t blame them, but I can’t say it doesn’t bother me. What really gets me is when I correct them, they will say something along the lines of, “Oh same difference, you know what I meant.”

No I don’t know what you mean. I say your name correctly.

A name is a person’s identity. My name is unique. How many people do you know named Nuran?

It means two lights, so when someone reduces it to “N” I can’t say I don’t die a little inside. It hurts.

Originally published in Coast Report, Orange Coast College’s student-run newspaper.

P.S. It’s pronounced nu-ron — in case you were wondering.

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